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O'Henry Magazine Publication

February 2023

Photos by Amy Freeman

"During a game of hide-and-seek at a family friend’s house, 9-year-old Cassidy Burel found herself in a closet filled with glitzy garbs. When the fashionable homeowner discovered her and allowed her to try on an extravagant piece, Burel knew she had found her calling..." 
- Cassie Busamante 

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Introducing CassB

Your Designer

Day of Designer Service


It can be so tasking to make sure someone is available the day of your wedding to make sure you are dazzling from all angles at all times. From all things ranging from last minute alterations, helping you through your look changes, fluffing your gown to make sure every photo is perfect, and everything unexpected and otherwise, the day-of-designer service is the perfect addition to your big day. Let's talk about booking your designer for your big day.

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"Not many people I know understood my vision ... she exceeded my expectations, hands down. Her expertise in High Fashion, quality, craftsmanship, and willingness to do the work made my dream a reality ... if you're looking for the gown of your dreams - she's the one" - Rose S.

What is it like working with CassB?

The Latest:

Custom Design

Starting at $850

Specializing in bridal and eveningwear, custom design can be just about anything you want. Ranging from bridal gowns, special occasion dresses, flower girl dresses, veils, pageant gowns, etc. 


Starting at $350

Alterations include multiple fittings to ensure the desired fit. This can encompass hemming, taking it in/letting it out, adjusting straps, bustles, lowering necklines, adding sleeves, and more.

Vintage Gown Revamp

Starting at $1,100

Repurposing your loved one’s vintage wedding gown is the perfect way to have them close to your on your big day. Vintage gown revamps can be anything you want ranging from adjusting the fit, resculpting elements of the dress or turning it into a brand new look.


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Rental Catalog

Looking to host a styled photoshoot but don't know where to rent your pieces? Check out my rental catalog with unique samples from my collections


Big Hair Ball 

Just Finished

January 2024




My passion lies within the art of handcrafted gowns. From floor length to cocktail, always dress to impress. Bring the "wow".


The Modern Bride


Leaning away from traditional, CassB pushes the boundaries for bridal by introducing new pieces, one after another, that appeal to the modern bride

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